Day Care Supervisor

Day Care Supervisor

Day Care Supervisor:

Our Dedicated Dog Care Supervisor team is the key to our success!

Spot is looking for experienced Day Care Supervisors to grow with us. If you are passionate about providing the best care for Man’s Best Friend and capable of building client relationships while leading a team of staff, apply right now! We are a leader in pet care hospitality – join us in our mission!

Day Care Supervisors are promoted from within at Spot.  Our number one priority is the safety and comfort of the dogs in our care and the role of the DCS is to ensure this goal is achieved every day.  This position requires both a love of animals and a tremendous focus and attention to detail.  We teach our DCS’s to understand canine behavior and health so that they are on the lookout for aggression, fear or illness and can intervene BEFORE there is a problem.  Spot employs DCS’s for both daytime and pm shifts.

The DCS position is a phenomenal opportunity for growth into the animal care industry – the next level of promotion is to a Customer Service Representative, and then ultimately into store management.

Job Description:

The DCS watches over large groups of dogs’ off-leash in an indoor daycare room. The DCS is educated on how to read dog body language and know when problems between dogs may occur, then prevent them from happening in a safe, positive way.  The Day Care Supervisors are responsible for managing the team of dog handlers, keeping the daily routine running on schedule and addressing any canine or staff concerns. They are intimately familiar with Spot policies, routines and culture to ensure our canine guests comfort and safety.

Other duties include intensive daily cleaning, which is a critical part of the job. You cannot be squeamish about cleaning dog waste, eradicating loose dog hair, trash removal, floor maintenance, dishes, laundry, etc. This is a very physical position that includes constant standing, bending, lifting and moving around.  It requires intense focus and alertness throughout the shift– no cell phones may be used while on the job.

Performance Metrics:

  • Zero incidents in the day care rooms
  • Cleanliness of facility
  • Client satisfaction as measured through surveys and feedback
  • Service levels (on-time service delivery, compliance with the dog care instructions of our pet parents)

Key Responsibilities:

  • Supervising the dogs as part of the handling team to ensure their safety and health.
  • Administering food and medications in accordance with the instructions of the pet parents
  • Train your team of in location Handlers
  • Transporting the dogs between the day care rooms and pet parents during pick up and drop off times
  • Scheduling relief walks and walking transport to/from client homes
  • Communicating any dog health or safety issues in a prompt fashion
  • Maintaining a clean and sanitary facility
  • Keeping accurate records for attendance, health, meals, cleaning schedule, etc.
  • Able to exercise a significant amount of discretion and independent judgment, be capable of consistently following all handling and safety protocols


Our DCS enjoy the following benefits:

  • Paid Training
  • PTO
  • Discount on Spot Retail Merchandise
  • Medical, Dental, and Vision Insurance (after 90 days for full time employment)
  • Commuter Benefits Program

Job Requirements

Spot DCS must be able to juggle a variety of responsibilities while balancing competing deadlines in a fast-paced environment. We are seeking candidates who are passionate about the wellbeing of dogs. You must possess a high degree of independent decision-making and problem-solving skills. Qualified candidates should be highly organized and pay close attention to the details that make a difference in the clients’ experience.  Other requirements of the DCS position are:

  • Genuine interest in the well-being and care of dogs
  • Comfortable with all breeds and sizes of dogs
  • Strong work ethic with desire to grow and succeed
  • Punctual and reliable
  • Ability to juggle a variety of responsibilities, while balancing competing deadlines in a fast-paced environment
  • Ability to focus on task at hand and not be easily distracted