Dog Care Tips for the Summer

Dog Care Tips for the Summer


While summer is great for pool parties and beach days, it also means we have to take extra care of our pups. Dogs overheat and dehydrate fairly quickly so taking some extra precautions is a great way to ensure your pup stays safe. Here are some tips for caring for your dog this summer.


1) Walk in the Early Morning or Late Night

The middle of the day is when the temperature is the highest, so take your pup for a walk earlier in the morning or later in the evening to ensure they don’t overheat.

2) Watch for Dehydration

Unlike humans, dogs can’t sweat. Their cooling mechanism is panting and an overheated dog will begin to drool excessively. If they become lethargic, pale, or have bloodshot eyes, they may be suffering from dehydration. If you notice any of these symptoms, contact your veterinarian immediately.

3) Keep them Hydrated

To avoid dehydration, make sure your pup stays hydrated! Always carry water with you when going on a walk and always make sure they have plenty of water available throughout the day. Dogs with darker coats absorb more heat than those with lighter coats and overweight dogs are more at risk of becoming dehydrated.

4) Let Them Swim

An innovative way to keep your dog cool during the summer is setting up a kiddie pool outside. They’ll have tons of fun playing in the water and stay cool.

5) Cool from the Bottom Up

When spraying your dog with water or using a wet towel to cool them off, don’t forget about their stomach and paws. Since dogs cool from the bottom up, a wet towel will be most effective when your pup lays on it rather than placing it on the top of their coat.


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