Melvin Rondon

Upper West Side

Melvin Rondon


Melvin’s been with Spot on the Upper West Side for more than 4 years. Originally from the Dominican Republic, he was raised in Manhattan. As a child his house always filled with dogs. His family didn’t love one specific breed, they just liked dogs – big or small, pure breed or mutt – dogs were always a part of his family growing up. Melvin’s favorite dog was Negro – his forever loyal Black Lab.

Melvin possesses an innate curiosity about dogs and their behavior. As a Handler, he knows that each dog has a unique personality and he’s constantly learning about what makes each dog tick. He thrives on the daily interaction with the dogs and enjoy seeing how some dogs showcase their personality all at once, while other dogs slowly reveal their true nature over time.

When he’s not working with the dogs at the Upper West Side location you can find Melvin engrossed in an action movie.