Should You Shave Your Dog For The Summer?

Should You Shave Your Dog For The Summer?

Should You Shave Your Dog For The Summer?



Summer is here and that means warm weather is upon us and it’s time to shed some layers. And if you are thinking that should extend to your dog – you aren’t the only one. Many pet owners decide to shave their dog for the summer to help them cope with the heat. But should you shave them? Is it actually beneficial? We’ve got the answers. 


During the summer, many pet owners feel bad for making their thick-coated companions endure the hot weather. So, they’ll shave their fur. Does it work, though? For some breeds, yes, it does. In fact, some veterinarians actually recommend shaving a thick-coated breed during the warmer months. 

But, short-haired pups shouldn’t be shaved as they run the risk of developing sunburn. Any dog can suffer from a sunburn, though, so if you do decide to shave your pup, make sure you leave about an inch of hair. 

If your dog spends a lot of time outdoors, shaving them can be beneficial – especially if their coat often gets matted or wet. Dogs that are prone to hot spots can also benefit from a summer shave. Discuss this with your veterinarian first, though, to be sure it’s the best solution.

If you do decide to shave your pet for the summer, consider hiring a professional. Many pet owners have little experience grooming their dog in general and shaving a dog is not easy! Dogs can become skittish around grooming supplies, increasing the risk of an accident. Keep in mind it’s much cheaper to take your pup to a groomer than to the vet!

At SPOT Canine Club, we have a full service grooming salon with passionate, qualified groomers. We not only offer shaves, we also offer breed specific cuts and pawdicures.

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