Yesenia “Jesse” Pabon

Upper West Side

Yesenia “Jesse” Pabon


Jesse is a true New Yorker. Born and raised in the borough that the Yankees call home, this Bronx native been a member of the Spot team for 3 years. She grew up with a house full of dogs and she’s not being facetious. She grew up with 2 Chow Chows – Max and Ashes and 3 Chihuahuas – Penny, Lucky and Bronco and a Pit Bull named Diamond.

As a Handler, she ensures that every dog at Spot has a great experience and she enjoy the familial bond that she has with with her co-workers. As for the work she does with dogs, she says it benefits her as much as it benefits them – dogs have a relaxing and calming effect on her, so days at work, don’t seem like days at work at all.

When she not at work you can find Jesse listen to Boys to Men or taking in one of her favorite movies such as Madmax Fury Road.