About Us

The SPOT brand was born out of necessity – In 2011 our founder needed dog care, but couldn’t find a service that met his high expectations, so instead of compromising he decided to create a new standard in dog care and the SPOT Canine Club was born.

From the beginning, we offered a new standard of dog care designed specifically for owners who believe, like us, that dogs are not just pets, they’re part of the family. With state-of-the-art facilities and a staff that is trained well beyond industry-leading standards we’ve redefined what it means to care for the urban dog.
We’ve built the excellent SPOT reputation on the understanding that dogs, like people, are individuals with differing needs.  The SPOT brand is dedicated to accommodating these differences by providing a one-stop-shop that makes the lives of dog owners in New York City easier.
From day one we’ve been committed to being the most progressive dog care brand in New York City.  In a sea of sameness we constantly challenge the industry norms, developing new ideas and dog care innovations.  At SPOT, we work with every pet parent to develop a program to meet their dogs individual daily care needs by customizing a bundle of services from our diverse offerings. No longer are owners forced to decide on a single approach to dog care.
With our expert knowledge, we knew from the beginning that it was important to allow dogs to fulfill their instinctive social needs in an open and playful daycare environment where all dogs are safe and secure.  Our proprietary Safe Play Off-leash Training (S.P.O.T.) method was developed with the assistance of many of the most experienced industry trainers.  The S.P.O.T. method establishes subtle visual and verbal cues between the handler and the dogs in our care allowing our cage-free daycare setting to be fun, social, and safer for dogs than in many other care environments.
New York City has a very close-knit dog loving community and once word spread of our individualized approach to dog care it was a quick journey from our first store to today’s seven SPOT locations and our citywide walking and jogging service.
Despite our success, our relentless commitment to the health and wellbeing to the dogs in our care has resulted in critical acclaim and propelled SPOT into Metro New York’s fastest growing dog care brand.
We invite you to visit a Spot location near you and experience our commitment to our mission, ‘extraordinary dog care, every single day.’