Best Dog Crate for Separation Anxiety Reviews 2021 Buying Guide

I can’t emphasize enough how important it is for a dog to have a crate of its own and finding the best dog crate for separation anxiety is what I am going to explain down here. The crate feels like a home to the dog which gives kind of a sense of ownership to the dog. In this way, they would know that they have a place to live instead of messing around the whole house. Best dog crates for separation anxiety are a  great way to train the dogs to make them more well-behaved.

Dogs just like humans show emotions and get affected mentally e.g. in case of separation they kind of feel exactly the same way as we humans do. Obviously, after living for a period of time with owners who are kind and affectionate towards their pet, the dogs do feel anxious when they have to get separated and develop other problems which lead them to behave very weirdly.

Crates help dogs to overcome all the bad behavior and stress related to separation anxiety by providing dogs a place which they can call home when alone, giving them a feeling of ownership.

Top 7 Best Dog Crate for Separation Anxiety

Product NameDescriptionPrice
Petmate Sky Kennel Pet CarrierPetmate Sky Kennel Pet Carrier36 x 25 x 27 inches; 2.2 PoundsCheck Price
Best Dog Crate for Separation AnxietyPetnation Port-A-Crate Indoor and Outdoor Home36 x 25 x 25 inches; 10.9 PoundsCheck Price
MidWest Homes for Pets Dog CrateMidWest Homes for Pets Dog Crate36 x 23 x 25 inches; 22 PoundsCheck Price
ProSelect Empire Dog CageProSelect Empire Dog Cage37 x 25.34 x 33.75 inches; 75.2 PoundsCheck Price
EliteField 3-Door Folding Soft Dog CrateEliteField 3-Door Folding Soft Dog Crate24.49 x 21.18 x 4.02 inches; 9.68 poundsCheck Price
Aspen Pet Traditional KennelAspen Pet Traditional Kennel28 x 21.06 x 18.13 inches; 9.2 PoundsCheck Price
Best Dog Crate for Separation AnxietySMONTER Heavy Duty Dog Crate38 x 26.5 x 8 inches; 63 PoundsCheck Price

 Best dog crates for separation anxiety at a glance

  1. Petmate kennel pet carrier
  2. Petnation Port-A-Crate home
  3. Midwest homes for pet
  4. Proselect empire dog cage
  5. Elitefield soft dog crate
  6. Aspen porter travel kennel
  7. Smonter heavy dog crate
Down here the details of all the crates are mentioned after a lot of research and consideration of the user experience.

1. Petmate sky kennel carrier

Petmate Sky Kennel Pet Carrier

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This high anxiety dog crate is made of materials of very high and long-lasting quality which ensures that these crates come to use for a period of time that’s usually longer than most of the crates.
  • Petmate crate is designed keeping in view that the dog gets proper air and would face no breathing issue due to proper ventilation spaces left around the whole crate for this dog.
  • It is airplane or flight friendly so can be taken inside the airplane as well.
  • Free cups and plates are provided when you purchase this petmate sky kennel carrier.
  • The material surrounding it keeps the dog protected and it won’t be able to escape.
 Cons: It’s a bit expensive because of the features it provides.

2. Petnation Port-A-Crate home

Best Dog Crate for Separation Anxiety

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This small cute designed crate for the dog is really easy to carry anywhere the owner wants to go. Usually, small components of the crates are dangerous as you might never know when your dog will swallow them so with petnation Port-A-Crate you wouldn’t have to worry about this issue.


  • Petnation is very easy to put together and set up allowing it to be user-friendly.
  • The fabric material surrounding the crate is made up of waterproof material so it would be convenient for the owner to clean it.
  • Proper ventilation spaces are designed to avoid any suffocation and fresh can come inside.

Cons: This fabric is not strong enough to withstand the harsh chewing of the dog hence it is not one of the chew-proof dog crates.

3. Midwest homes for pet

MidWest Homes for Pets Dog Crate

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If you are looking for the most adjustable and comfortable crate out there then midwest homes for pets is the best dog crate for separation anxiety.


  • There are many different size options available for midwest crates so giving freedom to the buyer to choose according to their need.
  • The folded tray won’t create any trouble for the user as it won’t require the user to set it up like many other trays.
  • When the buyer feels like cleaning the crate they can easily do it by removing the tray at the base of the midwest crate without having to clean the whole crate.

Cons: The wire this crate is made of is not very strong and heavier dogs would have no problem in breaking this not-so-strong wire.

4. Proselect empire dog cage

ProSelect Empire Dog Cage

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Proselect heavy-duty dog crate is one of the strongest crates out there so if you have a dog that is big and aggressive and you always get worried about its safety in the cage then proselect is made for you as with this cage you will never get worried.


  • The bars all around the pro select are made out of steel proving to be extremely strong and protective.
  • It also comes with a tray that is upon washing removed for the ease of the user.
  • Rust won’t cause any sort of problem to this crate as this is specially designed so that it would be rust-resistant.

Cons: For affordable users, it’s definitely not the right choice because it’s on the expensive side.

5. Elitefield soft dog crate

EliteField 3-Door Folding Soft Dog Crate

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There are many qualities that make it the best dog crate for separation anxiety e.g. its the ability to provide the perfect ventilation with its large windows and the mat on the bottom to be able to resist water creating less mess and hence fewer problems.


  • The different color and size options make them the best dog crate for separation anxiety.
  • There are comparatively more storage spaces designed inside this elite soft dog crate makes it storage-friendly to keep things for your dog.
  • A fabric that is attached on four sides of this crate is removable for washing purposes.

Cons: However, again like many other crates, the chewing issue of a dog can tear apart the fabric.

6. Aspen porter travel kennel

Aspen Pet Traditional Kennel

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   This is one of the affordable best dog crates for separation anxiety offering many features which is a great thing at this affordable price.


  • This travel-friendly aspen porter is easy to clean and remove its parts for washing which makes it great for traveling purposes.
  • It has the capacity to hold and protect dogs that are not the normal size means owners of bigger dogs can benefit too.
  • Plastic wrapped around the aspen allows this crate to be user-friendly.

Cons: It is affordable for all the features it provides but still people consider it a little pricey as compared to others.

7. Smonter heavy duty dog crate

Best Dog Crate for Separation Anxiety

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This heavy-duty dog cage is multi-purpose so can be used indoor and outdoor both so that the owner can use it according to the preference of the owner.


  • There is a lock that comes with smonter to provide full protection to the pet even if the dog has to be left alone.
  • The frames in which this smother crate is designed to provide perfect ventilation from the spaces in between and throughout the whole structure of this crate.
  • The finishing material of this metal frame won’t do any harm to the dog as the material chosen is not toxic at all.

 Cons: However, some people had issues with broken crates.

Buying Guide best dog crate for separation anxiety

 Construction material:

Always look for a crate that is built using strong materials because otherwise if your dog is strong enough it won’t take him much effort to break the frame and run away if you have left him alone.

Fabric material:

The best material would be that which is chew-proof making it the chew-proof dog crate best for great dane mix so the bite of the dog won’t affect the material and your crate will stay new.


Some crates come with a separator which allows the size to be made bigger or smaller according to the use and these kinds of crates are better suited for long-term use. So always invest in something like this.

Easy cleaning:

The crates which are easy to wash and clean with their removable parts are always easier for the user than the other ones.


I hope now you all can decide and select the best dog crate for separation anxiety yourself and this article made things easier for you all!

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