Best Dog Knee Brace For Luxating Patella Reviews and Benefits

Animals are just like humans but the only difference is they cannot express their emotions the same way as we humans do. Dogs can get injured too like humans and get pain so, it must be the responsibility of the owner to understand the emotions of their pet and if you want a list of some best dog knee brace for luxating patella then welcome here. Here down below you will find everything about the condition of the luxating patella and the knee braces used by dogs for such conditions.

I cannot emphasize enough how crucial and extremely important it is to know what actually luxating patella is before buying a knee brace to help the knee cap. So basically luxating patella is a medical condition in which the “kneecap” in easy words, otherwise medically known as “patella” does not remain at the place it is supposed to be. This can be really painful for dogs as it becomes out of the boundary of their tolerance and luxating patella later on even results in loss of any dog movement. So better later than sorry, the owner should treat the dog suffering from luxating patella as soon as possible.

There are ways and tutorials out there to help you make homemade dog knee brace but the choice is always yours which one you want to buy or make yourself.

Top 5 Best Dog Knee Brace For Luxating Patella

Image NameDescriptionPrice
NeoAlly Dog BracesNeoAlly Dog Braces4.9 x 4.9 x 4.9 inches; 1.59 OuncesCheck Price
Labra Dog Canine K9 Knee Stifle BraceLabra Dog Canine K9 Knee Stifle Brace12.17 x 8.7 x 1.73 inches; 10.02 OuncesCheck Price
Canine Knee BraceCanine Knee Brace for Luxating Patella5.12 x 3.94 x 0.39 inches; 3.84 OuncesCheck Price
Best Dog Knee Brace For Luxating PatellaBest Dog Knee Brace For Luxating Patella9.84 x 6.81 x 1.97 inches; 1.41 OuncesCheck Price
GNIKS Dog Front Leg Wrap Protects BraceGNIKS Dog Front Leg Wrap Protects Brace Pets6.69 x 4.21 x 0.71 inches; 1.59 OuncesCheck Price

List of Luxating Patella Dog Knee Brace

  1. NeoAlly knee brace
  2. Labra dog knee stifle brace
  3. Canine knee brace
  4. Ortocanis immobilizer
  5. GNIKS dog wrap
Down here will be all researched, used, and tested knee braces for patellar subluxation to help you guys buy a better and tested knee brace.

1. NeoAlly Knee Brace for luxating

NeoAlly Dog Braces

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The very first confusion about this is that it is not directly applied on the knee but still it supports the knee from injury.  Dogs who are suffering from injuries of legs or knees or joints can use this best dog knee brace for luxating patella.  Your pet would be able to stand and walk with the help of this brace specially designed without any chance of stumbling.

  • Neoprene and nylon is especially used to make this neoAlly brace, which is special materials to not hurt or damage the skin as dogs have sensitive skin
  • This strong yet lightweight knee brace is perfect for the healing process without putting any heavyweight on the wound.

2. Labra dog wrap for knee

Labra Dog Canine K9 Knee Stifle Brace

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If you want a knee brace that will not move over and over again and the dog would feel most comfortable in, then your first preference must be a labra dog knee stifle brace as it is among the best dog knee brace for luxating patella known for its amazing supportive and stable nature. Veterinary doctors appreciate labra for making braces whose material and quality are not harmful to dogs instead they provide much-needed comfort.

  • The strap embedded with the knee wrap allows the user to use the strap on the area above the leg so that the brace will be at the place where it’s needed without moving due to the strap.
  • Obviously, as the dog is already in pain so anything heavy put on to the area of injury only exacerbates the situation so you don’t have to worry as this labra knee brace won’t put any weight on the knee as it’s almost weightless
  • Braces are specially designed for dogs who are bigger in size and suffering from the luxating patella.
Cons: Although labra knee braces are extremely helpful and supportive they are not in the size for very small baby dogs e.g. weighing less than 30 pounds.

3. Canine knee brace support

Canine Knee Brace

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Canine knee dog knee brace for luxating patella can be used for sufferings like arthritis, tears of ligaments, etc.

  • The length of this knee brace is 3 mm in length which will heal all kinds of pain experienced by your pet.
  • Time taken for the injured wounds to heal comparatively is lesser using this amazing canine knee brace.
  • You won’t have to buy an extra chest harness as with other knee braces because this one will already have one.
  • The most important feature which makes it the best dog knee brace for luxating patella is its various size options which are not limited to certain dog size.

4. Ortocanis knee immobilizer

Best Dog Knee Brace For Luxating Patella

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This luxating patella dog brace can be used for various purposes, all sorts of pain could be lessened with the use of this amazing ortocanis original knee immobilizer. The length of this brace is from the knee area to the lower part of the leg.

  • Aluminum material is used for this brace which increases the ability to stay at one place to provide better support to the injured area.
  • The muscles will be greatly benefited by the usage of this immobilizer knee brace.
  • Whether you have a small dog or a big dog, you don’t have to worry as the sizing of ortocanis is very flexible and all options would be definitely available according to your dog’s weight and size.
Cons: However still some users had faced problems during the adjustment of the top side of the knee brace so if your dog is really active and loves moving here and there then it might not be suitable for him.

5. GNIKS Dog Brace Luxating Patella

GNIKS Dog Front Leg Wrap Protects Brace

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This lightweight best dog knee brace makes sure the dog is in comfort and pain is reduced with its inbuilt design. Veterinary doctors also recommended GNIKS dog brace because of its good healing ability.
  1. The strip material is strong and flexible so it stays at the place it is adjusted, so there won’t be any problem faced by the owner.
  2. Snake bites and other insect bites can be extremely dangerous and deadly so by using this wrap, which almost covers the area from the knee to the leg the risk could be reduced or avoided.
Cons: Some people had issues with the flexibility and said it tore apart after some time of use.

Purpose and the benefits of using a knee brace for dogs:

Avoid Surgery – Those whose dogs are suffering from luxating patella can’t afford surgery, this dog knee brace option is the only better option available for them to relieve their beloved pets from extreme pain and suffering of a luxating patella.
Less pricey – Surgeries are no doubt expensive and not every dog owner who can afford the best harness can also afford it for their pet to get rid of luxating patella, so this method is less costly and provides relief too.
Increases activity – Even if the dog is not fully recovered from luxating patella still the dog can move without pain by using the brace of knees for dogs. Before closing the topic I will highlight the main points a buyer must look in a best dog knee brace for luxating patella before buying it for their dog.
Comfort – Your dog is already suffering and in pain from luxating patella so the brace you buy for them must feel to them as if they are wearing nothing at all. The padded materials give great comfort to the dog.
Material – Soft materials above all. Soft materials and materials which are long-lasting and easily washable are great options. Additionally, materials that would look or feel the same after usage or washing feel great to the dogs.
Protection – Knee braces which are longer means which are from the knee and their length goes till the lower part of the leg are way more protective and less risky than others.


After reading all these features, benefits, and factors I hope you all can judge and better decide the best dog knee brace for luxating patella which you want to buy for your pet to make the little beloved pet of yours feel comfortable and relieved.

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