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A GPS tracker attached to your pet’s collar can reunite you if they do escape into the unknown. The Whistle Go Explore is the one GPS tracker we’d trust because it’s the most accurate pet tracker we tested, the app is easy to use, and the device is small enough to affix to any collar. We tested the best GPS dog trackers based on accuracy, range, mapping tools, battery life, and more.

We chose not to test models that are only designed for hiking because most models aren’t waterproof. We decided not to try SIM-only GPS trackers with no real-time tracking. And, we chose not to test GPS trackers that don’t have two-way communication or an iOs app.

Pet owners can attach these devices to their pet’s collar and find out where they were and what they did (or what time they returned home). You can also use some as a car backup camera for pet sitters because if your dog runs away, you’ll know what direction they head off in and where traffic is coming from so you can plan accordingly.

Top 7 Best GPS Dog Trackers 2022

Product NameDescriptionPrice
Smallest Real-Time GPS Location TrackerSmallest Real-Time GPS Location TrackerWireless, Waterproof, 0.05 PoundsCheck Price
Best GPS Dog TrackersTractive Waterproof GPS Dog Tracker2.8 x 0.65 x 1.13 inches; 1.23 OuncesCheck Price
Dogtra Pathfinder TRX 9-Mile 21-Dog Expandable Waterproof

Dogtra Pathfinder TRX 9-Mile 21-Dog Expandable Waterproof

13 x 10.44 x 4.25 inches; 10.3 OuncesCheck Price
Garmin Astro 900 Dog Tracking BundleGarmin Astro 900 Dog Tracking Bundle6.3 x 1.4 x 2.4 inchesCheck Price
Eureka Technology MARCOPOLO Advanced Pet MonitoringEureka Technology MARCOPOLO Advanced6 x 0.63 x 1 inches; 10 OuncesCheck Price
Whistle Ultimate Health & Fitness Pet TrackerWhistle Ultimate Health & Fitness Pet Tracker6.75 x 5 x 2 inches; 0.01 OuncesCheck Price
FitBark GPS Dog TrackerBest GPS Dog Trackers FitBark GPS Dog Tracker1.85 x 1.18 x 0.59 inches; 0.6 OuncesCheck Price

List of GPS Dog Trackers – At a Glance

  1. Smallest Real-Time GPS
  2. Tractive Waterproof GPS Dog Tracker
  3. Dogtra Pathfinder TRX 9-Mile 21-Dog Expandable
  4. Garmin Astro 900 Dog Tracking Bundle
  5. Best GPS Dog Trackers
  6. Whistle Ultimate Health & Fitness
  7. Best GPS Dog Trackers FitBark

Let’s begin with the obvious: you should already know what to look for when searching for dog GPS trackers. Take your time reading our reviews so you can figure out what’s available in this competitive market. You’ll never lose your dog again if you take your time and don’t make any errors while choosing Best GPS Dog Trackers.

1. Smallest Real-Time GPS Location Tracker

Smallest Real-Time GPS Location Tracker
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Jiobit is the smallest, most affordable real-time GPS location tracker for dog safety. Jiobit can be easily clipped onto your clothing or shoes or on dog fit to track your pet location in real-time discreetly. No separate cellular contract is needed. Available for Android and iOS devices, you can download our free Jiobit app to get started.

Jiobit has a small, lightweight design that makes it easy to carry with your canine wherever you go. It’s durable enough to be worn on clothing or shoes, and its waterproof design lets it stay on seem like collars for humans as well.

2. Tractive Waterproof GPS

Best GPS Dog Trackers

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Tractive GPS for dogs is the smart way to keep track of your dog’s location and activity. The waterproof, wearable device connects with your smartphone to show you exactly where your pet is at any time.

It also tracks active time, rest and calories burned. With Tractive GPS for dogs, you can set fitness goals for your furry friend! No matter how far away from home, you’ll always know that Fido is safe and sound with Tractive GPS for dogs.

3. Dogtra Pathfinder TRX 9

Dogtra Pathfinder TRX 9-Mile 21-Dog Expandable Waterproof
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The Dogtra Pathfinder TRX 9-Mile 21-Dog Expandable dog collar is the best way to keep track of your dogs no matter how far they run. With a waterproof smartphone GPS-only tracking collar, you’ll be able to track your dog’s location with a free satellite map that shows their current position on an easy-to-read map.

The range on this collar is nine miles, which means that you can see where they are no matter how far they run! A variety of map options are available for tracking purposes of human dog collars.

4. Garmin Astro 900 Dog Tracking

Garmin Astro 900 Dog Tracking Bundle

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The Garmin Astro 900 is the handheld GPS dog tracking device that combines high-sensitivity GPS and GLONASS satellite reception with preloaded TOPO U.S. mapping for superior location awareness, hunt metrics to analyze your dog’s speed, distance traveled, and time afield, plus 1-year of free BirdsEye Satellite Imagery subscription for better location awareness.

It even has Bluetooth wireless technology, so you can pair it with your smartphone or other compatible Garmin device to receive email/text notifications.

5. Eureka Technology MARCOPOLO

Eureka Technology MARCOPOLO Advanced Pet Monitoring

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Eureka Technology MARCOPOLO’s Pet Tracker is simple to set up and uses a pet tracking system that provides real-time distance and direction feedback for up to three pets.

The Eureka Technology MARCO POLO Pet Tracker includes everything needed for one pet, including a rechargeable collar tag, a waterproof receiver with a built-in speaker and microphone, an AC adapter/charger, and an operating manual. Additional tracking tags may be purchased separately for your other pets (up to 3 total).

6. Whistle Ultimate Health

Whistle Ultimate Health & Fitness Pet Tracker
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The best pet tracker for dogs and cats is Whistle. Use GPS to connect with your pet, get notified if they leave a safe zone, utilize the app to choose between three safety night light settings or always-on, and so much more! For your finest adventures, the long-lasting battery lasts up to 20 days on a single charge.

7. Best GPS Dog Trackers FitBark

FitBark GPS Dog Tracker
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The lightweight waterproof collar may be worn 24 hours a day for up to seven days without needing to recharge or replace batteries, thanks to FitBark, the helpful GPS dog tracker. The intelligent tracker not only records how many calories you’ve burned while out for a stroll or playing fetch but also how active your dog is, his sleep quality, and his distance traveled.

It also keeps track of how many calories you’ve burned and whether your skin is dry or flaky. Overall behavior and anxiety levels are also tracked. The lightweight, water-resistant collar can be worn 24 hours a day for seven days without charging or changing batteries.

Points to Consider while Buying Best GPS Dog Trackers

What are GPS dog trackers?

GPS dog trackers are little tracking devices attached to your dog. They don’t have a monthly fee, so you’ll only pay for the device itself. But as it’s a new technology, prices can be high. Here we’ve done all the hard work of finding the best value trackers on the market right now.

How do GPS Dog Trackers work?

When you’re out with your four-legged friend, you can use your smartphone to pinpoint their location and check how far they’ve run. You can even set up a virtual fence that alerts you if they come too close to roads or dangerous areas – ideal if you have a rambling hound that’s likely to stray from your side.

Buying guide:

  • Dog GPS tracker should strong build quality that can withstand all weather conditions.
  • GPS tracker for your dog should take long battery life that will not require frequent charging.
  • The GPS for dogs must have an advanced feature that can give the owner complete control of the pet on their Smartphone screen.
  • You should be able to access your Canine’s location history through your phone or PC at any time.
  • It can also send you alerts if your dog leaves a designated safe zone.
  • Dog GPS tracker should be water-resistant to withstand all weather conditions.
  • Can be a Cost-effective dog GPS tracker that can provide accurate location and movement history data will be the best choice.
  • Best dog tracker with return location feature to find your canine faster if they run away from you.


The best GPS dog trackers for your pup are the ones that work with their size and activity level while remaining accurate and easy to use. We hope you’ve found this article helpful in narrowing down some of the best options on the market today! If you have any questions or would like a more personalized recommendation based on your pet’s needs.

You can use this information to find the right product for your pet’s needs, but also review our recommendations if you want more help narrowing down which model would be perfect for your pup!

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