Best Home Remedies For Dog Skin Allergies Itching (Ultimate Recovery)

Skin problems are very common among humans and animals both but where these things get differentiated is we humans can express and tell how we are feeling but dogs cannot, so the owner has to keep an eye and they can use home remedies for dog skin allergies itching.

If things exceed the boundary of tolerance and home remedies are not cured then you must see a veterinary doctor but mostly home remedies do cure the itching allergies of dogs. Reasons could be numerous allergies of itching in a dog e.g. parasites, food, weather, seasons, wounds, etc.

Home Remedies For Dog Skin Allergies Itching

If you see your dog scratching and licking its skin over and over again then pay attention as it might be having an itching allergy.

Down here you will find the best home remedies for dog skin allergies itching which have been tried and tested by a lot of users and they have proved to be really really effective and beneficial.

Name of Home Remedies For Dog Skin Allergies Itching

All the remedies are suitable for use on any body part of the dog that is itched from dog rash on the tail to the paws, use these remedies without any fear and if there is any exception then there would be details in the note section down below.

1. Oatmeal Home Remedy:

Oatmeal is a well-known natural product used for many many years and has natural benefits for skins that are dry no matter if the skin is of a human or an animal, oatmeal will definitely work on both.

How to give a dog an oatmeal bath?

There are mainly two ways of using an oatmeal for the purpose of treatment of itchiness.

The first way involves a grinder, grind the oatmeal you bought and stop grinding when the oatmeal is in the form of homemade itch powder then add this powder form of oatmeal to the bathwater of your dog.

The second way is not to use it in the bath, instead convert oatmeal into a paste-like mixture by only placing oatmeal in water, the creamy mixture could directly be applied to the skin of the dog.

homemade itch powder

Note: It is okay if your dog licks the paste or the water of the bath as oatmeal is not all harmful or toxic for the health of the dog.

2. Coconut oil remedy:

Coconut oil is very effective for allergies and other problems that are the only reason behind using them in beauty products for humans too. But in the case of dogs, it works as a moisturizer to make the dry itching skin feel better and less uncomfortable for the dog. The reason behind using this coconut oil for itchiness is the ingredients naturally found inside this oil have antibacterial properties.

How to use the coconut on the skin of the dog?

Just directly apply the oil on the itchy and dry skin and leave it, you will yourself notice the difference in the appearance of the skin.

Coconut oil for poison ivy

Apply it on the rash area and wait for like 3 or maybe 2 hours, repeat this routine for as long as the rash and itchiness disappears.

Note: Always buy the oil which is of high quality and the virgin.

3. Apple cider vinegar spray:

This spray is great to treat the itchiness and rashes of wounds or allergies etc but if you directly apply it to the wound or rash allergy then it might get slightly painful for your dog and honestly you never know the tolerance level of your dog. It is always better to mix water in apple cider vinegar to avoid any risk at all.

Homemade anti itch spray for dogs

Add half water and half vinegar then your spray would be ready as one of the best home remedies for dog skin allergies itching.

It is no doubt one of the quickest ways to heal the problem of your dog.

4. Green Tea Remedy:

Did you even know that green tea and chamomile have the natural ability of coolness and providing comfort to even dogs who have itchiness or rash patches on their body?

Yes, you have definitely heard it right.

How to use it?

Warm water should be poured into the bathtub of your dog and then add many tea bags in it, it will make your dog feel comfortable after even five to six minutes.

However, if your dog doesn’t have itchiness all over his body and it is only found on some specific areas then use fewer tea bags and instead of a bathtub, use a cup of hot water with tea bags and only rinse on those specific areas.

5. Aloe Vera Remedy:

All the skin conscious must have already applied aloe vera on their skin and know how cool it makes the skin feel and the softness it leaves off is just amazing. Likewise, it helps dogs with redness caused by scratching the itched area and makes them feel cool hence reducing the pain.

Aloe vera gel for dogs:

Directly apply aloe vera on the area of effect by taking a little bit on your palm and rubbing it on the area of the affected body part.

Can you use aloe vera on dogs (in terms of safety)?

Yes, definitely anyone can use aloe vera for their dogs and it’s pretty safe but all you have to do is look at the list of ingredients and if there is alcohol present then never use it, otherwise without alcohol it’s pretty safe and good to use.

 Note: The best option is to buy an aloe vera plant and extract the gel out of the aloe vera yourself!

homemade anti itch spray for dog

7. Diet Remedy:

Fruits like pineapple and papaya are extremely good as they have enzymes inside them which will definitely play a vital role in the reduction of pain of your dog and are a great healthy diet too.

Omega 3 found in fish is also after a lot of research-proven to reduce the pain and swelling and all the itchiness related skin problems, and some times it can happen while dog stayed on heating pads so better use the products which are natural and would be good for the internal health of the dog too.

8. Quercetin:

The intake of quercetin comes in two ways i.e. first one is natural and the other one is artificial. The natural one includes eating fruits like apples, green vegetables like broccoli, etc.

The redness of the itchiness is produced by the enzyme histamine and quercetin avoids and prevents the release of this harmful histamine.

So, I think it is the most suitable remedy out of all the remedies but obviously, the choice is always yours!


I hope now you can better decide and choose the home remedy to treat your dog.

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