Dachshund Terrier Mix – Awesome Facts Pros and Cons

Dogs lovers here? Right, I can hear it from here a big YES! Today’s highlight would be the dachshund terrier mix. If I have to write and name all the breeds and of course the crossbred dogs then I think it is going to take a whole day or maybe more, maybe less, you never know but the point is there are many mixes and breeds out there and people love them so much, each because of the unique traits and qualities they have and their personalities of course.

One of them is a dachshund terrier mix. As the name suggests it is a mixed breed of two dogs named “Jack Russell Terrier” and “Dachshund” which is commonly known as dachshund Jack Russell terrier mix, but sometimes the dachshund is mixed with Yorkshire terrier as well, so yes the point is further you can find different types of these dogs by a little different crossing.

A short name by which this dog is known by people is “Dorkie” when a dachshund is mixed with a Yorkshire terrier. And Jackshund is the name given when a dachshund is crossbred with a Jack Russell terrier. Interesting?

A trait Dachshund Terrier Mix has?

Umm, I guess the most amazing feature any dog can have or the buyer mostly likes is the personality. Personality comes first always!  These dogs are very very loyal which these days humans are not! Anyways the enthusiastic, energetic trait mixed with a good brain is the best feature of these dogs which everyone loves about them.

What is the estimated lifespan of this breed?

Somewhere around 15 to 16 years and you can never be sure.

How is the physical appearance of this dog?

Well as you already know that there are different combinations due to different mixes or crossbreeding so obviously the resulting mixture would slightly differ from each other in terms of how they look and behave.

Coat color:

The color of the coat of this mixed breed would usually depend on and resemble the coat color that is more seen in the dachshund. But we have already discussed the German Shepherd Akita Corgi Mix breed that is more loyal than that.

Coat texture/ appearance:

After the coat color if we talk about the texture or more appropriately how it looks like then there are three types further, short-haired one, long-haired one, and a wire hair terrier dachshund mix.

Size of dachshund terrier mix:

Of Course, this thing cannot be predicted 100% accurate but it will definitely depend on the parent size which usually in the case of these mixes is small so the resulting offspring won’t be big. Expecting a mixed terrier big is not something that is going to happen.

Body structure:

The body structure is rather long so better call it sort of elongated.

Health-related information:

Diseases are not predictable and it’s not sure your dog is going to be ill or not but for some breeds, there is some specific sort of diseases that there is more chance of inheriting than the others and the same thing goes for this breed.

Dachshund Terrier Mix

The most common ones include problems related to eyes and some sort of problems with digestion which of course can be cured after proper care and other diseases may include obesity, dysplasia, gastric issues, diabetes, infections especially of the ear, etc. however mostly these diseases are kind of inherited but remember not always so for better check and balance just have a look at the parental history before buying them.

Personality traits of mixed terriers:

The most energetic and fun-loving dogs ever, this comment sums up their personality. They really like digging and for that, of course, the buyer will train them and let them do their activity in the garden. Most of the time you will find a dachshund terrier mix in an extremely happy, fun-loving mood. They get along well with people and are usually loved back by1 them because of their amazing personality.


You should play with your brown terrier dachshund mix and take them out maybe for some walk or to the nearest park but just keep them entertained.

Do Dachshund Terrier Mix Shed?

They do shed because according to me you basically can’t find any breed which doesn’t shed at all but if you talk about the intensity then yes they do shed very less and the reason for less shedding is genetic, as parents have less rate of shedding so this mix also has that feature.

How to take care of this breed i.e. dachshund terrier-mix?

  • Just visit the veterinary doctor and get yourself a meal plan for your terrier doxie mix and follow that to avoid any food-related health complications.
  • Visit a veterinary doctor for basic checkups as well this is the safest and best option.
  • Then as these dogs are fun-loving they love doing tasks, buy them some dog toys or maybe brain-challenging toys to help them keep busy.
  • Walking and fresh air is a must, taking your dachshund mix terrier would be a great idea.

If after reading the whole details you really are interested in buying this dog then have a thorough look at the advantages and disadvantages of keeping this cute dog as a pet.

brown terrier dachshund mix

Reasons why you should keep this dog:

These dogs look extremely cute and are already fun-loving, they will provide the best company and will keep you busy forgetting all your worries. They can be used as a watchdog due to their intelligence and concentrating nature. If you are an adventurer lover then don’t wait for anything just buy these dogs and keep them as pets. These dogs would provide you a better company on adventurous trips than the other ones.

Another great reason would be the less shedding ability as I have mentioned above. Ah because we all know how difficult it is to clean afterward and you have to spend loads of money to buy cleaners too but with this one, you won’t have to worry a bit. Their loyal and long lifespan enables these dachshund terriers to be with you for a comparatively longer period of time and it’s so much having them and living with them, they just become a family member. Additionally, their loyal nature makes them stand out among others.

Reasons why you shouldn’t buy it to keep at home:

If you are a quiet person or if you like more peace and less noise then the dachshund terrier mix might not be the right choice for you as they have a very very high-pitched voice and it might end up with complaints coming from your locality.

They might also end up digging your garden if you don’t provide them enough digging space because huh they do love digging a lot. And one last thing digging doesn’t end with the garden, it can start anywhere around the house too. So keep your cabinets close!


If you are an adventurous soul with the right amount of activeness in your body who wants to own a dog and will make sure to provide enough time for it then it is a must-have for you. Do read all the facts carefully and decide it wisely because you are going to buy another living being with emotions, don’t hurt anyone be it humans or animals.

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