Do Goldendoodles shed? Dog Owners Answers and Tips

All dog lovers here? Ah, I know you all must be fed up with all the shedding but isn’t it normal? Just like us humans dogs do also have natural processes which are beyond their control but the question is do Goldendoodles shed? I know Goldendoodle is a very very unique breed of dog which many people love and keep at home.

We all know Goldendoodle is from two different parent dog breeds so they get characteristics of the two-parent breeds instead of one but no one can be sure if they get 50, 50 qualities, or in any other ratio. The ratio is never ever predictable.

Do Goldendoodles shed

The two parents which I was talking about are poodles and golden retrievers and their mixture are this cute, friendly-natured, social, and what not Goldendoodle. I know some people don’t like shedding and want a dog that sheds less comparatively as cleaning afterward the shedding is tough.

The most common phrase by which these Goldendoodle dogs are known is “hypoallergenic dog breed”.

You will find all the answers to the most thoughtful questions and the questions which make every dog owner curious and all the solutions to minimize the issue with their maximum detail to make things simpler and easier.

Do Goldendoodle Shed?

Hmmm, the simplest answer to this most common question would be a simple yes. Yes, Goldendoodle generations do shed like any other dog out there but if we talk about the extent then it might be lesser than other dogs e.g. labrador retriever.  There is no such thing as “no shed dogs”. Poodle mixes that don’t shed are not found, they all shed to some extent.

What is the basic logic behind poodles shedding being less than the other most common breeds out there?

The fur or hair shedding by these bonodoodles get stuck or intermixed in the rest of the fur present all over their body, this thing results in fur shedding down and getting stuck to the carpet, clothes, etc.

After getting to know the answers behind shedding frequency and even if they shed at all, let’s now discover the reason for why they shed at all.

Do puppies shed:

 Why is there a need in the first place for dogs like Goldendoodle to even shed?

Obviously, there is something internally settled for these dogs and their bodies have adapted themselves for any sort of change they experience e.g. they need to change and settle themselves according to the temperature or weather conditions out there. So in winters, the Goldendoodle has to get rid of their furs and have to develop the furs that would be suitable for the harsh weather conditions of winter so that their bodies feel warmer and they don’t get ill. The same thing goes for summers as well.

Gooldendoodle generations

But if you see some abnormal or not so common shredding of your dog’s fur then there might be some other problem that your Goldendoodle would be facing. You need to keep an eye on this matter too.

Abnormal Goldendoodle shedding reasons:

 1.Excessive amount of bath given to the dog

2.Not proper food given to the dog

3.Some sort of skin allergy or disease

4.Stress or tension faced by the dog

 Excessive bath

You don’t have to give your Goldendoodle a bath every single day and secondly, you are not required to give a bath to your dog and may keep them into the crates for a very very long period of time as it might result in excessive shedding of hair from your Goldendoodle’s body.

Food nutrition problem

You need to have a proper meal plan or you need to visit a veterinary doctor so that they can help you decide the perfect meal plan with all sorts of essential things balanced perfectly to make the best nutritional diet.

Skin issue

Notice the texture of your dog’s skin if you feel like it’s getting changed or it’s not the same way as before then visit a doctor as skin allergies also become one of the reasons behind shedding more than usual.


Usually, Goldendoodles are very sweet-natured and perfectly friendly dogs but a change in behavior might be because they are stressed due to some reasons and stress can cause more hair shedding as well.

Note: A solution to make them happy and get them out of stress is by playing with them and giving them company so they feel like they are being loved.

All the problems have their solution which might not perfectly or fully finish the problem but they do somehow eliminate the issue and exactly the same thing goes for the dogs too.

Goldendoodle shedding solution:

  1. Brush the hair or fur of your Goldendoodle

Do poodles shed? Umm yes then brush their hair maybe.

Just look for some very good amazing quality brush that could be used by you to brush the hair of your Goldendoodle then make a routine and stick to it. You will definitely see the difference.

Note: Don’t brush too much, once a week is enough.

  1. Supplements for the prevention of excessive shedding

Fish oil supplements can do wonders like when I say this I mean it. They honestly work like magic because your dog might not be getting enough omega 3 or the amount it is needed in.

do poodles shed

There are some haircuts which further makes this problem less sensitive and will help greatly in the less shedding e.g.

  1. Kennel clip haircut
  2. Puppy clip haircut
  3. Lion clip haircut
  4. Lamb clip haircut

These haircuts just depend on the type of fur your Goldendoodle has but will definitely make things easier for you with their easy maintaining methodology.

Do Goldendoodles shed if they are smaller or if they are bigger?

Actually, the size can never affect the shedding process of these dogs it only depends on the fur type and the generation.  E.g. F1 generation with straight hair sheds the most among all other ones which are straight coat Goldendoodle, F1b Goldendoodle, and wavy coat Goldendoodle.

The conclusion to “do puppies shed”:

Now it must be clear to you all and you all got the answer to do Goldendoodles shed, additionally it might be easier as you all now know the routine and ways which can help in reducing shedding. Now you can even check if it’s the normal shedding or the abnormal one. Before buying a Do Goldendoodles shed reading these details can be greatly helpful.

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