German Shepherd Akita Corgi Mix – Top Facts Which You Need To Know

Are you a pet lover? Are you specifically a dog lover? If yes, then this rare and precious breed is perfect for you, i.e., “german shepherd Akita Corgi mix .”Everyone who wants to keep a dog at home wants something special, rare and unique, and at the same time friendly, so it won’t have any difficulty in adapting to the new environment and getting used to the people they are living with.

What makes this german shepherd corgi Akita different and precious is that it is a mixture of three breeds. Yes, you have heard it right. The three different breeds include corgi, german shepherd, and Akita. It’s sporadic to find a dog that is a mixture of three different breeds. The lifespan of Akita german shepherd corgi is around 15 years.

German Shepherd Akita Corgi Mix

Down here, you will find everything you need to know about a german shepherd-Akita-corgi mix, but before starting that off, I would like to talk a little about the history of these dogs.

History of a German shepherd, Akita, and Corgi Mix

German shepherd: they were first found in Germany in the nineteenth century and were very popular back then too due to their participation in world war one and mainly used for military purposes in the USA.

Corgi: they are linked with British people. They are present for as long as 1107 AD, and it was also said that queen Elizabeth 2 had these corgi dogs.

Akita: is said to be found in japan first. They are only friendly and easy-going with their families. Otherwise, they are not really social and don’t easily get attracted to strangers.

What does a german shepherd Akita corgi mix look like?

If you want an adorable and fluffy dog, then yes, this is the best dog out there. German shepherd Akita mix puppies are adorable and have furs all over, making them look more like a little bear than dogs. However, you will have to trim and take care of the furs of your german shepherd Akita corgi mix.  The innocence radiating from this crossbred’s face is to die for.

Size of german shepherd corgi mix:

This fact is fascinating, as this is crossbred, so its height, weight, and size will be different and vary a lot. The average height range ranges mostly found from 16 to 27 inches, and weight varies from 50 pounds to 120 pounds. Usually, german shepherd Akita corgi mixes are medium-sized or large-sized.

german shepherd corgi akita

However, if you look at the individual breeds, then the corgi is very less in weight, i.e., 30 lbs and Akita is the heaviest i.e.130 lbs.

Their eye colors also vary. All these facts prove how unique this cute species is.

Health information:

Everyone wants their pet to be healthy as healthy pets are more cheerful and they provide satisfaction to the person who is keeping it. First of all, when you buy german shepherd Akita corgi mix, make sure you ask the owner about the health of its parents. After buying it, take your dog to a veterinary doctor and ask them to make a diet plan for your dog as if you won’t have a diet plan then you might give your dog something in excess or in shortage.

These things eventually deteriorate the health of the pet because they have their own food requirements as we have already discussed in Fox Red Lab which the veterinary doctor better understands. Raw food is the favorite food of german shepherd Akita corgi mix.

How is the personality of this dog?

The personality traits of this dog are suitable for keeping them at home with your family. They are calm, fun-loving, and energetic dogs however, they do look lazy due to their fluffy appearance but they are not. They require attention and love. Give your pet proper attention and time. Buy them animal toys and give them challenging tasks as they are very very intelligent dogs.

They really love going out so take them for a little stroll to the nearest park. One thing that everyone who buys this dog has to keep in mind is if you won’t give your dog attention, love, special care, or anything else they are asking for then at times they become a little destructive as well. They love to exercise too.

How to take care of your dog?

Before jumping into the details of how one should take care of their pets, you all should know the health complications this breed might have to face.

Hip dysplasia:

In this condition, the bones can become weak and they won’t have as much energy and strength as before.

Eye problems:

The most common problem with these dogs is their eyesight. It usually gets weak with the passage of time.

Bloating issue:

This is a very harmful problem if your dog faces it so immediately take your dog to a veterinary doctor.

Before buying this dog, think about all these problems, and if you think you can afford the cost of treating your dog if it suffers from any disease only then buy it.

In order to take care of your dog, keep an eye on them, notice if they are feeling well or not. Or notice if the food you are providing them is suiting them or not as sometimes they can develop allergies too. Give them a proper bath but not too much as their skin might get dry. Try to play with them. Show them love, affection, and kindness. Brush their fur with a good brush and lastly invest in a good vacuum cleaner to clean your house and get rid of all those hairs.

Reasons you would love to  buy these dogs

There are several reasons why these dogs should be kept at home:

Their intelligent and sharp nature makes them good watchdogs. They will keep your house protected and will take care of your precious things. They won’t have any difficulty in learning as they are clever and quick learners so you won’t have to spend a lot of time teaching them things. You kids will love to play with them as they are active and love socializing.


After reading all the facts and information about these dogs and this specific breed, if you feel like you have enough time to take care of your dog, you have money to treat them if they get ill, because they are most sensitive to handdle, you want company and a friendly family dog then definitely go for it. As Akita mix with the german shepherd is the most precious and rare breed out there.

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