German Shepherd Belgian Malinois Mix | Top Interesting Facts

Belgian Malinois mixes with German Shepherds are becoming more and more popular in the United States. This is because many people want a dog that has the protective instincts of a German Shepherd but without some of the negative traits, such as being too aggressive or difficult to train. If you’re considering adopting one of these dogs for your family, here are 11 facts about German Shepherd Belgian Malinois Mix!

German Shepherd Belgian Malinois Mix

They Are Fairly Unknown

They Tend to be Easier to Train Than German Shepherds. They Are Also Very Active and Require Plenty of Exercises they Can Be Stubborn And Independent.

belgian malinois german shepherd mix Have a Lot in Common With Their Parent Breeds Although Belgian Malinois may not have all the traits you see in every dog from their particular breed, many will share quite a few common characteristics.

For instance: both breeds are highly intelligent, so this mix will likely inherit that trait as well; they’re also very active, which means your pet won’t always be content with laying around inside when it could instead get out and run around!

Originally Bred to Be the Perfect Worker

Belgian Malinois Mixes are Often Large-Sized Dogs, Despite Their Parent Breeds Being Smaller. As a result of their German Shepherd heritage, Belgian Malinois mixes often grow quite large—the average size is around 50 pounds. They can weigh anywhere from 40 to 70+ pounds as adults!

This makes them fantastic service dogs or working dogs that can perform physically demanding tasks for extended periods without tiring out. Due to these traits, they’re commonly used by police forces and other law enforcement agencies throughout Europe and North America.

The parent breeds themselves were bred with many different purposes in mind: German Shepherds were initially bred during World War I because Germany needed more animals.

When Raising a German Shepherd Malinois Mix Puppy

You will have to take specific measures when it comes time for your new pet’s training, so he doesn’t get too big too fast! You’ll need plenty of room in your crate or kennel for him to sleep at night, especially if you keep them indoors because these breeds love their space!

They are brilliant but can have an independent streak which makes them a challenge. They’re also outstanding escape artists—be sure to use a high-quality crate or kennel that he won’t be able to break out of!

History of the Belgian Shepherd

Belgian malinois mix of course! Their ancestors were bred in the early 1800s when a few different types of herding dogs brought over from Germany and France began to interbreed. In 1891, Adrien Janssens was tasked with creating a new breed by combining some of these German-French herding breeds—he wanted them to be stronger and sturdier than their parents but still have all the intelligence they did too. He eventually decided on breeding two particular lines:

german shepherd malinois mix

During World War I – The Belgian Malinois Dog Breed Was Developed During WWI The country of Belgium is where this dog got its name after it was initially developed during World War I.

Germany needed more dogs to use for work—they used as military service dogs. The Germans wanted intelligent, low-maintenance working dogs that could perform complicated tasks with minimal oversight, so they sent out word looking for the perfect types of breeds!

One German man named Captain Gessler heard about this and decided to help by creating his breed of dog, who would be known later on as the Belgian Malinois.

The lifespan of Malinois-X Dogs

In general, belgian malinois german shepherd dogs have a lifespan of around 12 to 15 years. However, the breed is still considered “unproven,” which means it’s difficult to know for sure what their average life expectancy will be just yet! Belgian Shepherds breeds tend to live about one year less than that, but then again, they’re also not as well-known either.

In any case, you can expect your pet to enjoy his golden years because he’ll likely get plenty of exercise between taking walks and running in the backyard. They are knowledgeable, so training them from an early age will help keep them occupied while living indoors with you, too—this intelligence makes these dogs great workers or service animals.

Belgian Malinois vs German Shepherd Fur Coats

German Shepherd Dog

The intelligent and loyal German Shepherd Dog is a strong breed that has been utilized by many people throughout history. Its sleek look makes it one of the most recognizable breeds in America, which can be attributed to its versatility as both a police companion or military working dog!
The GSD comes with a medium size (between weights 50-60 pounds) onto long coats ranging from straight black hairs on lighter shades all way down browns through white-haired dogs at times wavy silky locks too but typically not flyaway). Shedding will happen year-round so if you’re looking into adopting this pup make sure your family.

Belgian Malinois

Belgian Malinois is one of the most intelligent dogs in existence, with their intelligence measured at about 55 points higher than a German Shepherd’s. Unlike GSDs who have long and bushy hair making them look bulky; these canines have short light brown straight manes that give off little or no heat when they become hot during summertime activities like running around playing games or just being outside all day! They also don’t shed nearly as much either which means your house will be cleaner because you won’t need to vacuum every single hour (and forget about brushing too).

Are Belgian Malinois rare?

Belgian Malinois remains one of the most popular breeds in North America, but they’re actually rare compared to other types. The Belgian Malinois has an advantage over its German Shepherd counterpart because it’s more heat-resistant and agile – perfect for warm climates!

malinois german shepherd mix


A German Shepherd is much more well known and widely recognized than a Malinois. The latter has a shorter coat, slimmer head with a finer skull that tends to be longer in the leg while other parts like body breadth (broad across chest) or height are similar between two dogs breeds; however, GSDs usually weighs about 20 pounds heavier than its counterpart which can make them easier targets for aggressors!
The similarities end here though because both dog’s coats come from different genetics whereas Dutch Shepherds belong mostly from English Mastiff bloodlines whereas Mals.


If you’re looking for a dog with great intelligence and athleticism, the German Shepherd Belgian Malinois mix is one of your best options. This hybrid breed has all the traits of both breeds– they are loyal, loving dogs that need plenty of exercises but also do well in an apartment environment. They can be trained to work as service animals or police dogs if necessary. We hope this article on the German shepherd Belgian malinois mix was helpful! Let us know what you think by leaving comments below!”

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