Great Dane Chihuahua Mix – Unbelievable Dog Breed Facts

As you all know, cross-breeding is pretty common and somehow advantageous for everyone. Great Dane chihuahua mix is one such example of useful traits of both dogs come together in one. But honestly, some crossbreds are weird, weird in a sense that nobody would have imagined how those two species could ever be crossbred. The great Dane chihuahua mix is considered a very weird combination as well.

One such example is the great dane chihuahua mix which results from crossbreeding of great dane and chihuahua, which left many people in wonder. However, it has not been yet confirmed about when they were crossbred in history. The timeline is not very clear.

Crossbred dogs are unique as they inherit the good traits of two different dogs, and research has proven that these dogs are generally more well behaved and social than the individual dogs who produced them.

chihuahua great dane mix

Some other names for a chihuahua and great dane crossbred that are great dane chihuahua mix are chi-Dane-Dane, great Mexican dog, etc.

Before jumping in the great details of this great dane and chihuahua mix, let’s first dive into these dogs’ details as an individual to help understand them better.

Great Dane Dogs

These famous friendly dogs are everyone’s favorite and are known by everyone out there. Their appearance is what makes them stand out in public as they are huge in size. They have a weight range of 44 to 80kg.

The heights ranging from 70 to 86cm are considered suitable for the great Danes.

They are used for hunting purposes, company purposes, and many others due to the Great Dane dogs’ sweet patient personality.

Now let’s talk about the other partner.

Parents history


Chihuahuas are opposite from the great Danes except for the one similarity they have with each other because the great Dane and chihuahua both are friendly sweet-natured and full of patient dogs.

Whereas the size of chihuahuas is from the range of 15 to 25cm, the weight can be around 2 or 2.5kg. Their figures clearly tell how different these dogs would be in terms of appearance.

Despite their small size overall, their eyes are quite big and full of emotions. The upright ears of chihuahua are one way of distinguishing them.

However, due to major differences in these two breeds’ sizes, it seemed quite impossible to crossbreed them, but it happened after a lot of trails, and this great dane chihuahua mix came into being.

Chihuahua Great Dane Mix


The appearance of great dane chihuahuas is that they are big in size with large-sized heads and long bodies, but their legs are somewhat shorter than the length proportions of their whole body. Interesting?

great dane and chihuahua mix

The color part comes from the parents and depends on their parent’s color type.


The size of great dane chihuahua is not at all predictable as no one can be sure what would be the weight of this breed as it is usually after a lot of experiments seen that they are a blogger than chihuahuas but are smaller than the great Dane, meaning they would be somewhere in between the size of the parent breeds.


Obviously, as expected, because both the parent dogs are friendly and good to keep at home due to the amazing personality and nature. They have got their crossbred to be also friendly, making them a good companion to keep at home. But a little more aggressive than both the parent’s breeds, but looking at the other side of the picture, being aggressive makes them good watchdogs too.

However, they do have small dog syndrome, which at times can be dangerous.

After knowing the parents’ details, let’s now talk about the Great Dane chihuahua mix.

Life span:

The lifespan of Great Dane mixed with chihuahuas depends on both the parents’ life span, and generally, it would be somewhere in between the parent’s ones, but you never know. E.g., the Great Dane is around 8 to 10 years, and the chihuahua’s life span is around 20 years, and the minimum could be 12 years.

However, the great dane chihuahua needs to be taken to a veterinarian for a proper checkup, and some common diseases include dysplasia.

great dane mixed with chihuahua


However,  it is very rare to find a great dane chihuahua mix due to the very high costs and complications of crossbreeding them but still, after a lot of searches, you can buy them it would take a lot of effort. However, the success rate of producing a healthy great Dane chihuahua mix is very less comparatively.

Complications regarding great Dane chihuahua mix:

Chihuahuas cannot be mothers in crossbreeding because they are too small and cannot tolerate as they have less level of tolerance than the great Danes so that it won’t be successful.

Great Dane has to be the mother, and the only process that has a chance of success would be artificial insemination.

Health care of dachshund great Dane mix:

The health care for the Great Dane chihuahua mix is not a very big problem. You can easily take care of them as shedding issue is not extreme for these dogs plus they won’t require to be taken for extreme activities, the only mild activity would be enough for them, e.g., a short walk to the nearest park or even street, etc.

What happens when the Great Dane Impregnates Chihuahua

Since the Great Dane is greatly larger than a Chihuahua, its life will definitely be at risk if the Great Dane somehow manages to implement it. Chihuahuas have been reported to die while pregnant because the fetus is stretching the dog too far. It is near impossible for a Chihuahua to give birth to a mix if its head is considerably larger than the Chi. In this example, the female Chihuahua, which in this case is the host, will die and its not possibleGreat Dane Chihuahua Mix, If she tries to give birth by cesarean. Because of this, the cross puppies will not survive either because they cannot receive appropriate nutrition from the host body.

In any case, the Great Dane will be unable to impregnate a Chihuahua of his own free will. If the puppies and Chihuahua are combined together forcefully, that will be considered cruelty, as their lives will not be sustained.

What Happens When The Chihuahua Impregnates The Great Dane

Although it is possible for a male Chihuahua to impregnate the Great Dane in a logical sense, it wouldn’t bode well given the huge differences in size between the two dogs and the sheer challenge that would arise. Artificial insemination is one way some breeders are assisting the entire process. Even though this is not illegal, the dog will face a tremendous challenge the moment they come into the world.

Imagine a female Great Dane nursing a fetus. Because of the contrasting sizes of the cross’ mouth and the male Great Dane’s mouth, it is very likely that the new-borns will not be able to suckle effectively. The puppies must therefore be actively handled at all times.


Great Dane chihuahua mix is rarely found, proving how difficult the whole breeding process is due to the size difference; however, those who own are lucky to have these rare dogs. F2 status has never yet been achieved by a Great Dane Chihuahua cross. It is very difficult and expensive to create F1 Geat Dane Chihuahuas because there are so few F1s that exist.

It’s unlikely that these two dogs would breed successfully since they are so rare, and several problems would arise if they were bred together. In such a case, you should mix a German Shepherd and husky to make something new instead of depending on unethical breeding methods.


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