High Quality Homemade Dog Training Treats (Healthy Diets)

What’s better than treating your dog with homemade dog training treats? The satisfaction of treating your dog homemade high value dog treats is just amazing. I know all of you who own pets love them so much and care about their pet’s health. So, have you ever thought of replacing the ready made food that you give to your dogs with homemade dog training treats. If you haven’t, please do as the homemade high value dog treats are way better than those available in the market.

The food you prepare yourself at home is free of all those chemicals found in the market food. They don’t even have the harmful preservatives and have comparatively less amount of fat as well.

Homemade Dog Training Treats

Now you must be thinking that I am telling you how good homemade soft dog treats are for training, but what about the way how to cook them. Hmmm, you don’t have to worry. I will list down all the top treats along with their recipes.

These are the names of some homemade soft dog treats.

  1. Sweet potato treat
  2. Peanut-coconut treat
  3. Baked banana treat
  4. Grain-free biscuits
  5. Pumpkin treat
  6. Tuna dog treat
  7. Fruits
  8. Vegetable treat
  9. Blueberry dog treat

Training treats for dogs recipe

Sweet potato treat:

This is one of the popular training treats for dogs. The recipe for this treat is pretty simple and easy. Even if you are in a hurry, you can easily make it to make your little pet happy. The ingredients needed to make this include coconut oil, sweet potato, seasoning, water, almond (in the crushed form).

Steps to follow: 

A baking tray is needed to put a little bit of oil in it to grease it. Mix almonds with coconut flour, and you can add seasoning of your own choice. The next step involves adding potatoes and water. Add water so that the mixture formed is thick and dough-like. Make shapes of your choice and bake it in an oven preheated for 20 to 25 minutes.

homemade high value dog treats

Peanut-coconut treat:

Another healthy snack for your dog includes nuts. You will need liquefied coconut oil. If you don’t have it in the liquid form, then heat it until it is liquidy. Add an equal amount of peanut butter it and a little bit of cinnamon. Then you have to cook it until it is thick. Pour this mixture into ice cube molds then you have to wait until it is frozen. Your dog will definitely love this delicious healthy treat.

Baked Banana treat:

If you literally have 10 minutes to treat your dog with a homemade snack, then this baked banana treat is the best option ever out there. Just grab some bananas from your kitchen and cut them either lengthwise or in squares. Then bake them for a while. You can make your dog eat them with honey as a sauce, maybe. It all depends on the taste buds of your dog.

Grain free biscuits:

It is one of the best grain-free homemade dog training treats.

To make these yummy yet healthy biscuits for your dogs, you have to get an egg, then whip it for a while, add it to a banana (mashed) and peanut butter. You can even add mashed beans to it. Could you put them in a freezer for 50 minutes? Then convert this mixture into a biscuit shape, like make it circular and flat on top. Then bake them in a preheated oven for 40 to 50 minutes.

Pumpkin treat:

If your dog is a pumpkin lover, then yes, this recipe is going to turn out fingerlicking for your pet.  Again as in all baking items, you need a preheated oven (350degree celsius), then make your mixture. For the mixture, add pumpkin. The quantity is ¾ cup of canned form. Then add 1 egg in it(whisked), a little bit of shredded carrots(4-5 spoon), and lastly, 1 cup of flour is needed(wheat flour), mix it all. Then choose any shape of your choice, convert this mixture into that particular shape. You are ready to go! 35 minutes is the perfect baking time.

Tuna dog treat:

A pretty easy and healthy snack that includes only a few ingredients. Buy a tuna can from the market, cut the tuna into smaller pieces, add 1 egg and ¾ cup of flour. Mix them and bake for about 5-6 minutes.


There is simply no better option than fruits, you must have apples in your kitchen which you brought for yourself to eat, but you are too lazy to do that. Hmm, you can utilize them and put some yogurt in them by obviously mashing those apples first and then freeze it. Your treat is ready. To make it a little less thick, add water too.

Vegetable treat:

As much as fruits and vegetables are important for us, they are equally important and beneficial for pets. It would help if you had applesauce and carrots for this treat. Mash the carrots(1 cup), put a half cup of applesauce in it, and add 1 cup of flour to it. Mix them completely. Vegetables can help dogs and your puppy to stop barking You will need two types of flour, the first one is whole wheat flour, and the second one is brown rice flour. This mixture will turn into a dough, make small shapes out of it and bake it in a preheated oven until the color of these shapes changes.

Training Treats for Dogs Recipe

Blueberry dog treat:

The last easy recipe on the list “training treats for dogs recipe,” which probably takes five minutes of preparation time if you have all the required ingredients. Take coconut oil and melt it. Grab an ice cube mold and apply a thin layer of coconut oil to the bottom of it. Then add almond butter with a blueberry inside the ice cube mold. Freeze it, and your dog is ready to enjoy this simple, easy and healthy fruit snack.

All these recipes are really healthy and quick, so they will definitely help you choose the treat you want to make for your dog.

But let’s highlight why making this food by yourself is better than the ready made options available in the market so you can better understand the importance of these treats.

Why should you make homemade dog training treats?

The recipes mentioned above are some grain-free homemade recipes. The biggest advantage of giving your dog a grain-free home treat is that they improve the dog’s digestive system, improve overall health, and reduce allergy symptoms.

Homemade dog training treats are more nutritional and healthy as you know what you are using and putting in the making of that treat. There are no chemicals added to it like the ones available in the market.

Treating your dog with a fresh treat is better than canned food preserved for god knows how long.

Talking about the cost, we all know ready-made dog food is costly so cooking fresh food cuts down the price and is cheaper than ready made one.

Homemade dog treats will enable your dog to get rid of infections and allergies developed due to the preserved food. Cooking the food yourself is safer and prevents unnecessary stress because you never know what the ready made food actually contains.

However, special care should be taken as you have to give your dog a balanced food treat. Consult a specialist for that.

Don’t wait. Just replace your dog food with homemade dog training treats and see the difference as healthier, cheaper, and safer!

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