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Many Doberman owners have been curious about how fast a well-trained Doberman can run. The speed at which a Doberman runs has been the subject of many discussions around the web. This article will discuss How Fast Can a Doberman Pinscher Run is and why working with your Doberman during their training years is important.

doberman pinscher running

To find out just how fast our beloved pet dogs really are, researchers from UC Berkeley decided to study 10 greyhounds and 10 untrained family pets back in 2005. They measured both groups’ maximal running speeds (top speed) over two short sprints (30 m each), separated by 30 seconds of rest. A 12 kg Doberman dog can run at an average top speed of up to 32 miles per hour. The average top speed of untrained family pets is slightly slower, with an average running speed comparable to 21.7 mph.

Study Concluded:

While the study concluded that greyhounds are significantly faster than most other breeds, it also found out that the Doberman’s maximal top speed is equal to that of a typical thoroughbred racehorse!

To put this in context, you can see below how long it takes for the mentioned animals to cover 100 meters (328 ft). Keep in mind that they were tested at their maximal running speeds. While thoroughbred horses may appear faster on TV, keep in mind how big they are compared to dogs and humans! A Doberman is slightly shorter than an average adult man but weighs much more.

What Factors Can Affect A Doberman Dog’s Speed?

As the article above mentioned, the breed of the Doberman has a significant effect on its speed. It is widely believed that larger breeds (such as St Bernards) are much slower than smaller ones, even though they may appear faster when running at close distances. This is because their top speed can’t be maintained for long periods due to their relative lack of stamina. However, this should not discourage owners from owning large Dobermans. Remember that other important factors such as training and health also play an important role in your dog’s overall fitness level.

The other factor affecting how fast a Dobie can run is age-related wear and tear, which affects all animals, including our favorite four-le friends. As we get older Health Condition deteriorates and they no longer have their pep as they used to be. So keep that age range between 2-5 years old if you are training your Doberman for any sports or just general working out to maintain fitness level.

Stamina How Fast Can a Doberman Pinscher Run

Stamina has a huge role in how fast the dog is, but most people never train their dogs properly, so it’s not surprising to see this number being so low considering most Dobies are obese these days due to overfeeding them; with table scraps!

Age can also affect how fast your Doberman runs. Like humans, the Doberman may start having various health problems such as arthritis starting from middle age, significantly reducing his top running speed. If you notice such symptoms, then don’t force them to run fast. In such cases, you should stick to slower exercises that don’t require as much effort from your pet.

How Fast Can a Doberman Pinscher Run

For now, this is all the information we have on how fast a Doberman can run. If you have any questions or want to share your story with us, please leave a comment below. Also, be sure to check out other articles on our website about health problems and different obedience training tips for Dobermans.

Which Activities Can Increase A Doberman Dog’s Speed?

Dog running is the most obvious answer to this question. However, before you set out to run with your dog, make sure that they are in good health and do not push him beyond what’s advised.

If your pet can keep up with you even while playing at home, then consider bringing them on some outdoor adventures (such as jogging) – but always check with your Vet first before doing so!

If it is too late for that, then don’t worry. There are plenty of dog sports that will get your Doberman moving without over-exerting themselves. Some great examples include Agility Training, fly ball, frisbee catch, or even rally obedience.


If your priority is a fast dog, then the Doberman may not be for you. They’re not going to win any races, but they have some great qualities that make them an excellent choice if speed isn’t as important as other factors like temperament and training. What are some of those positive characteristics? Let us know in the comments below!

My Own Perception about How Fast Can a Doberman Pinscher Run?

I’ve heard that Dobermans can run between 20-25 mph, but I’m not sure of the source. My rough guess would be about right for what you want, though! The thing about these speedy dogs is their agility – my Rottweiler plays with hers and has no chance against her when they race around too fast to catch up in a game of chase… except maybe if he’s big enough like your Doberman, then she’ll just beat him by being quicker on those legs (or paws!)

I also have friends who own golden retrievers, Alaskan malamutes, German Shepherds, AND french bulldogs; all different breeds from every size imaginable, which means there are tons more types than one might think capable

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