How to Stop a Dog From Digging Up & Why They Do It

The steps you can follow on how to stop a dog from digging does not have to be difficult; there are many effective ways you can easily do to stop a dog from digging. Understanding why your dog digs are one of those ways. Digging may be a characteristic of your dog’s breed, a way to kill boredom, a means to find a cool place, or it can be something that makes your dog feel good physically. You must understand these reasons before you can find a solution to this bad behavior.

How to Stop a Dog From Digging Up

If you don’t know the roots of his behavior, it will be challenging to stop your dog from digging. Once you find the cause, here are some things that you can do to train him:

Spay your Dog to Stop From Digging

Your dog may be digging because he wants to get out of your place and explore his neighborhood. It may also mean that he is bored of seeing and doing the same things repeatedly. If he needs a mate, all the steps to stop him from digging, even all the fencing in your neighborhood, will not stop him from digging. Considering getting another dog to address the problem is the only way to stop him.

Create a Comfortable Environment during Hot Weather:

One of the reasons your dog is digging is that he is looking for a cool place during summer. The best way to stop a dog from digging during this time is to provide him with all his needs, from proper shading to bathing, to water supply. Make sure you have a good environment that will properly address your dog’s needs during hot summer days.

Proper Exercise To Stop Your Dog from Digging:

Your dog needs proper exercise, not only to keep him healthy but also to burn some energy that he may use to display bad habits. Giving your dog a walk in the park for a couple of hours will burn extra energy that he may use for barking all night or for digging. For your dog, this activity is also a way to spend some quality time with you.

stop dog from digging and escaping

Squirt Your Dog:

Once you catch him digging, you may use a garden hose or a water gun to squirt him. Dogs hate it when they get water sprayed unexpectedly, but this is a harmless way to stop a dog from digging. Your dog will learn that this is the consequence he has to pay for digging.

Provide your Dog with a lot of Toys:

You can divert your dog’s attention by giving him a lot of toys to play with. If you cannot play with him regularly, digging may be his way of catching your attention or looking for something that he can do; toys and some homemade training treats will save you and your fence. There are a lot of rubbers and hard dog toys you can leave right next to him.

Learn the simple ways on how to stop a dog from digging and save your lawn and your fence from your dog’s bad habit.

Get rid of the soft, sandy soil in your yard:

Compacted, rugged soil can scratch or harm your pet’s paw pads. In contrast, loose, sandy soil is soft and gentle to the paws and might encourage your puppy to dig.

Luckily, loose, soft soil may be compacted. A hand tamper may be utilized for smaller ground segments, whereas larger regions may demand a lawn roller.

why my dog digging

If your whole yard comprises readily stained soil, then you might have to attempt one of those other options on this listing.

How Do You Make A Dog Forgive You?

There are not many circumstances that dogs dwell on when considering their pasts or futures. It is mainly what is going on in their lives at the moment that dictates what they are thinking.

A dog’s ability to anticipate when you will be home or if you will hit them is limited by the concept of routine and spotting patterns in your behaviour.

It is still possible to express your regret for what you have done to your dog in many different ways. Pets can approach you in different ways.

Treats are a favorite with some dogs, cuddles are a favorite with others, and walks are a favorite with others. You should combine them if you want to achieve the best results.

How to apologize to your dog more effectively. After your dog has forgiven you, here are some tips for getting back his trust.


As you may see, dogs dig to get because of many reasons, not one of these unfixable. Digging deterrents like cayenne pepper, fencing, and obstacles are fantastic to prevent your puppy from digging at this time. Nonetheless, these are just temporary solutions and won’t automatically correct the origin of the behaviour.

You can follow expert advice on why dog digging For example, if your dog is digging since he’s exhausted, then it isn’t important just how much cayenne pepper you use.

Your pet is still likely to be exhausted and miserable. You need to use digging deterrents and solve the origin. Your pet will be happier because of it! Because of this, digging deterrents should be used along with instruction and fixing the root cause of digging with exercise and toys.

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