How to Trick Your Dog Into Drinking Water (Pro Tips & Tricks)

There has been a struggle for the past fifteen years to get my dog to drink. During the last few years, I have tried so many tricks, tips, and solutions, but most of them don’t work at all. Are you ever concerned if your dog gets enough water? Is there a way for me to get my dog to drink more water? How to Trick Your Dog Into Drinking Water? We’re going to talk about some of these questions in this article, so you’ll find out some of the answers you might not have thought about.

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Water is not only essential for human beings, but also for dogs as well. It could be sick or just plain uninteresting if your pup isn’t drinking water. Water doesn’t matter whether the dog needs it or not to some dogs. Using a few tricks, you can get your dog to drink water.

Importance of  Drinking Water in Dog Body

A number of important health functions depend on water, including digestion, oxygen delivery, temperature control, and lubrication of joints. Additionally, water facilitates the absorption of nutrients from a dog’s food by its cells. The water your dog drinks also keeps her body temperature in the appropriate range, which is crucial during hot days and you have to learn How to Trick Your Dog Into Drinking Water.

Dogs can also lose electrolytes because of dehydration, just like in people. It is important for your dog’s body to have minerals such as sodium and potassium. In addition to altering pH balance, electrolytes can also affect muscle and nerve functions. When dehydration is severe, kidney failure may result and even death may occur.

Trick Your Dog Into Drinking Water:

The tips below will help you get your dog to drink more water. If you’re having difficulty getting your dog to drink more water, consider them.

1. Give hydrating treats

Provide hydrating treats are another good trick. Your dog will drink more if you add some broth to its water bowl. You can freeze some broth into cubes.

Additionally, watermelon and melon slices can also be frozen. Dogs will benefit from the hydration that these fruits provide. In spite of that, you should limit fruit consumption as it contains fructose, which becomes glucose in the body.

2. Get Them Moving

If your dog does not get the exercise he/she needs, it is highly recommended that you get your dog to do it for an hour a day. Moving them keeps them healthy and makes them thirsty.

How to Trick Your Dog Into Drinking Water

Dogs love walking, running, and playing games. I would recommend that when you need to offer the dog a drink of water, you keep an additional water bottle handy to provide them with.

3. Take Them Out to Pee

One of the reasons dogs stop drinking water is because it is so uncomfortable to hold pee in for them. It’s hard to avoid the thought of leaving but they have no choice and train your dog to drink some water.

If you do find yourself not available to take them, it is important that you place their pee place in an easy-to-reach location.

4. Add Some Flavor

Adding a bit of flavor to their water can also encourage dogs to drink more water. It will be enticing for them to come back, again and again, to be able to taste and smell more. It is possible to spruce up your dog’s love/hate relationship with water by adding some lemon juice to their water bowl.

A simple trick to encourage your dog to finish their water at every sitting is to add a tablespoon to lemon juice.

Chicken broth and beef broth are also robust & healthy ingredients for dogs’ water. Most dog foods contain chicken or beef, which most dogs already know the smell and taste.

5. Give Them Treats

A dog’s early years include giving them a treat and praising them. Tap their head while handing them a favorite gift when you notice they are taking in more water. The puppies will learn that water is a treat after some time.

 6. Offer Multiple Water Bowls

Consider purchasing multiple water bowls if you have several dogs. However, my dogs still drink from one bowl if yours are anything like mine. They both want to drink from the same bowl, so I have no idea what makes one more special.

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You may need to say exactly what triggered your dog’s thirst in the first place. For instance, he may have been too lazy to get a drink, or he may spend most of his time outside. Your dog will drink more if you leave several bowls of water out.

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7. Go for Water Fountain

Buying a water fountain will enable you to give your dog flowing water 24/7 without having to fill his water bowl multiple times a day. My dogs love drinking from the hose – I don’t know about yours. If you love the taste of fresh, cold water, install a dog water fountain! It will make your dog’s beverage taste even better.

8. Replace Water Regularly

Fresh and clean water must be readily available for your dog. Freshwater should be provided to pets, so keep this in mind. That being the case, you must always be aware of your pet’s water bowl. If you gave the dog water yesterday, don’t give him that tomorrow. He’ll need some good clean and fresh drinking water.

9. Offer Dog Ice Cubes in Water

Adding ice cubes to your dog’s lunch is a fun summertime treat, and they’re not harmful. If you’d like, you can add dog-friendly fruit to them for a more special treat. You could also mix chicken broth or bone broth in water for an extra tasty treat.

You can make healthy frozen treats at home using Freezy Pups, an Honest Kitchen product that you mix with water and serve warm or cold to your dog.

10. Feed Them Vegetable and Fruits

Include fruit and vegetables as part of the dog’s regular diet as much as possible. Ensure that your dog has plenty of water to drink, so try to feed them fruit and vegetables high in water, such as cucumbers, watermelons, melons, tomatoes, etc. The body of your dog will be able to get some of its water requirements replenished by this.

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the ultimate way to make sure your dog stays healthy. If you want your dog to respond well to your training, you need to be creative and patient. In case your efforts do not succeed, you can consult a veterinarian.

You should contact your veterinarian if your dog still won’t drink water after trying all of these methods. A urinary tract infection, pancreatitis, or other serious medical condition may cause this.

It is recommended to take your dog to the veterinarian if he does not drink. Dogs sometimes suffer from some typical illnesses they are not accustomed to and you can confuse that, How to Trick Your Dog Into Drinking Water. Their drinking water was cut off because of this. It’s possible to resume regular water drinking after the proper treatment.

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