SPOT Canine Club Safety Tips: Memorial Day Safety Tips

SPOT Canine Club Safety Tips: Memorial Day Safety Tips
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Memorial Day is upon us and it is almost time to (unofficially) welcome summer! And while we’re excited for the barbeques and family fun, our dogs may not share our enthusiasm. Between the parties and barbeques, it’s extremely important our dogs stay safe during all the fun. Here are some tips and tricks for keeping your pup safe this Memorial Day.

Be Smart About the BBQ

Barbeques are synonymous with Memorial Day celebrations. And while you get to enjoy all the food that comes with it – like hot dogs and hamburgers – not every BBQ staple is safe for your pup. Foods like grapes, onions, avocado, and chocolate are highly toxic to animals. Also, make sure to keep any alcoholic drinks out of reach.

Water Safety

If you’re having a party near a lake or pool, make sure your pup is supervised at all times. Not all dogs are great swimmers and an unsupervised dog can lead to a potential drowning. And, make sure your pup doesn’t drink any pool water since it contains chlorine – a potentially dangerous chemical.

Keep it Shady

If it’s going to be a hot Memorial Day, make sure there is enough shade and water for your dog. Dogs can become dehydrated quickly so providing a spot for them to cool off and grab some water is necessary.

Check IDs

The longer your dog is outdoors the greater the chance of them getting loose or running away. Making sure their ID tags or microchip information is up to date will help your chances of finding them in the event they get lost.

Keeping these tips in mind will ensure you have a fun and stress-free Memorial Day!

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