• training

    7 Important Puppy Training Tips All Owners Should Know

    Puppy training is a critical step in the development of any dog. The first 4 months are when a young dog is the most malleable and very willing to learn new tricks and techniques. At SPOT Canine Club we recommend a 7-step process. Start with House Training...

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  • dog park

    Best Dog Parks in the New York City

    SPOT Canine Club is the best daycare in New York City, hands down 🙂 It’s a great place to get your dog socialized and active. However, another favorite past time of all New York City dog owners is visiting the dog park. We wanted to share our favorites and...

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  • bone broth

    Benefits of Bone Broth for Dogs

    One of the great diet recommendations I have heard from our customers is feeding bone broth. I have found it is fantastic and has many health benefits. I want to share my recommendations on the diet and also a quick recipe so you can feed it...

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  • boarding

    4 Benefits of Cage-Free Dog Boarding

    One of the appealing features for many customers of SPOT Canine Club, is our cage-free boarding. We believe it is important to make your dog feel at home. Here are the key reasons why cage-free dog boarding is better than a traditional kennel approach. Your Dog...

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  • st patrick's day

    Dog Safety on St. Patrick’s Day

    St. Patrick’s Day is filled with festivities that are fun for humans. However the rowdy day, filled with loud noises, can be scary for your dog and even cat. Sounds that can frighten your pet include: Screaming Fireworks Cars honking Parade noises Loud, drunken partiers Commotion...

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