• cold weather

    5 Cold Weather Dog Safety Tips

    If you’re anything like me then you view winter as a season to get through as quickly as possible.  Every year I begin winter preparations in the fall by taking stock of my winter gear including coat, boots, gloves, etc. and figure out what I have...

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  • dog training

    5 Benefits of Hiring a Professional Dog Trainer

    When people visit SPOT Canine Club, one thing the seek is professional dog training. We provide many classes and events, were you can bring your dog and receive professional dog training. Here I wanted to lay out the 5 main benefits to hiring a professional dog trainer....

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  • workout

    4 Ways to Workout with Your Dog

    For the active dog-lovers, we’ve gathered four easy ways you can workout with your four-legged friend. 1. Jogging and Sprinting Are you a runner? Would you love for your furry friend to accompany you when you’re out training? Well, unless your dog is sick or injured,...

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  • dog stroller

    The Benefits of Using a Dog Stroller

    Dog strollers seem like an odd topic, I know.  But while it might seem strange to push your pup around town in a dog stroller there are times when letting them ride is better than having them walk.  While you likely won’t be rushing out to...

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  • What is the Best Diet to Improve Your Dog’s Health?

    The two biggest components of dog health are exercise and diet. Here at SPOT Canine Club we do a lot for a dog’s wellness and fitness, with our dog walking and our daycare areas. All dogs who come through SPOT get fantastic exercise. However, that is...

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