Pros and Cons Of owning a Fox Red Lab (Things to Consider Before Buying)

Owning a pet has its own charm. Everything you buy comes with its own benefits and disadvantages as every coin has two sides. The same thing goes for a red fox lab. There are certain pros and cons of owning a fox red lab. Before buying a red fox labrador to keep at your home, you should know all the important details to make a better decision for yourself and the pet.

Starting from a little introduction of this dog. Fox red Labrador is a dog, which is also called a ruby labrador, and this dog is actually just different in red color; otherwise, it is the same as a labrador retriever.  They live for around 10 to 15 years, and the cost involved in buying them ranges from $1000 to $1200.

Let’s straight jump into the details of the pros and cons of owning a fox red lab.

Pros of Owning a Fox Red Lab:

I will explain all these points written above, as these are the main reasons you all will love to own a fox red labrador retriever.


The color of the furs is what makes these red labradors stand out among the other dogs. The pale yellow-red sort of color is really eye-catching and unique. Their appearance is beautiful to people. Not only the unique coat color of these red fox labrador puppies is amazing, but their coats are also really beneficial for these labradors as the outer coat avoids the dust and dirt particles.

red fox lab

Simultaneously, the inner one helps keep the dogs warm, hence regulating the temperature of their bodies.  Their face usually emits friendly vibes to people. Their shoulders are not very broad, but still, these dogs are strong.

Intelligent and easy to train:

Red fox lab puppies are considered to be extremely intelligent. They learn a lot by themselves, and a lot of research has also proven that they are intelligent and quick learners. Their intelligence plays a vital role in their learning abilities as you won’t find any difficulty training these dogs. They are themselves curious and figure things out without any difficulty. If you are looking for a dog with whom you don’t want to struggle while training, then red fox labradors are the best option for you.

Good health:

If you compare these dogs to other dogs, you will know that they are healthier than the other ones. They have a good immune system. As these dogs are physically active, that’s why they are healthier than others. Those who buy these dogs should screen for some issues like muscle weakness, elbows, eye infections, hip dysplasia, etc. These minor problems can be treated by consulting a veterinary doctor. Otherwise, there is no major issue with the red fox lab.

Flexible nature:

The proof of their flexible nature is that these dogs don’t have any issue in living in a big house or a small house. They can easily live in any place regardless of the fact how small or big it is. Moreover, weather conditions also don’t really affect these dogs due to their coats. So you don’t have to worry about the weather and temperature as your dog has already got the solution.

Good natured:

You will most of the time see your dog in a happy, sweet, and cheerful mood. They are not moody at all and are well behaved mostly. They are very expressive towards their owner, showing love and affection. Water is another favorite thing of these dogs as they love to swim. Swimming generally lightens up their mood. Fox red lab temperament is excellent.

Fox Red Lab Good food fetchers:

They have the ability not to bite the prey, so they are safer. This is the reason they are used as a predator as they don’t damage the catch. This is one of another reason why they are easily trained as well.

fox red Labrador


Fox red lab are very social and friendly-natured dogs, providing excellent company. If you are alone or depressed or in need of good company, then these are perfect. They will keep you busy and can help in forgetting your sorrows.

Now let’s see the other side of the picture. Nothing is perfect.

Cons of having a Fox Red Lab

Now let’s see the other side of the picture. Nothing is perfect

Expensive Food:

Red fox labradors have different requirements. They require food that is high energy and high-quality food. Usually, the cheaper options available don’t suit them. So you have to consider your affordability range before buying this dog.

Odor present in their body:

The fox red labrador has coats, and to keep these coats dry, their internal body system produces oil. Excessive oil production causes these dogs to smell bad, but the solution to this problem is bathing them daily.

Shedding problem:

Those cute furs covering your dog seem cute and attractive, but no, dogs shed their furs all year round, especially in the fall and in spring. Even when you brush the fur, they shed off. And make a lot of mess as they get attached to the wall, your sofa, etc. You need proper, thorough cleaning. Additionally, use a good quality brush as well. And buy a good vacuum cleaner too!

Get bored easily:

Although they are friendly, good natured dogs, their intelligent and fun-loving personality requires attention. Yes, you have heard it right. It would help if you gave them proper attention and entertainment, You can deal with them with proper training treats. You need to play with them and buy them puppy toys, keeping them busy and curious.

They require physical activity like exercise. You will have to give your red fox lab daily different challenging activities to keep it busy. However, if you fail to do this and the boredom level increases, they age quickly.

fox red lab temperament

Aging quickly means they will start developing other issues. They are friendly. However, their friendly nature creates problems if you have to use them as guards. Their breed is not suitable for that purpose.

Their curiosity creates a mess:

The curious nature these dogs have always wanted them to learn and explore. Let’s suppose you left your red fox at home alone, you will definitely come back to find a lot of mess. There is a lot of cleaning involved while keeping these dogs.

General tip: You need to brush your dog’s teeth, clean their ears, bath them daily and have to notice if they are not feeling well, and lastly keep them entertained.


It’s totally your choice if you want to buy it or not. After reading all the pros and cons of owning a fox red lab, you can better decide it yourself. If you want a friendly family dog and cleaning or keeping it entertained is not a big issue for you then you must go for it as it is one of the most popular and intelligent dogs out there. Lastly, do take care of your pets as they have emotions too.

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