Dog Jogging

Dog Jogging is a necessary and growing need in keeping your dog fit and trim. Many trainers, vets and other canine healthcare professionals know how critical regular exercise is for your dog’s physical and mental health, and recommend a running & jogging regimen for dogs of any age and size.

When your dog starts our fitness program we slowly build up his or her endurance with interval training. Our sessions begin with a warm up walk and end with a cool down on the way back home. Our Daily Fitness Sessions have proved beneficial to help curb behavioral issues, assist behavior therapy, and relieve stress & anxiety. An active lifestyle is critical to the well-being of every dog.

With Dog Jogging, we practice safety first. We carefully watch for discomfort including: dehydration, overheating, and fatigue. If we see any signs of struggling, tiring, or erratic behavior, we will end the workout immediately, contact our fully staffed office and leave a daily progress report.

Additional advantages of our Dog Jogging Program:

  • Daily Fitness Sessions
  • Exclusive Fitness Sessions
  • Fast Pace Walks
  • No more than two dogs at a time
  • Water breaks and monitoring of the dog’s behavior during the run