Anger is something that needs to be controlled by the person who is a prison of this disgusting habit because once something is done out of anger it cannot be the same e.g. people often ask will my dog forgive me for hitting him? I mean in the first place why did you even hit him, just because you were angry.

They are also living beings with all the emotions that we human beings have and this case is honestly the same as a mirror, once it gets shattered into pieces, all the time it cannot be fixed. Maybe if it is not shattered into small pieces then it can be fixed but my question is would it be the same like it used to be before.


I know all those who keep a pet, it is always out of love that people make a decision to keep a pet and keep them at home but sometimes people do actions which later make them feel guilty and regret reigns over their mind.

Hearing phrases like “I beat my dog” or “I hit my dog out of anger” is very common these days but this is not where the whole situation ends. It would be only a beginning that will lead to a cycle of events and situations which will ultimately affect the upcoming years of a dog’s life.

What happens when the owner hits the dog?

Firstly, as I mentioned before, dogs feel! They feel all those things that we humans feel. Obviously, it will feel pain and get hurt both physically and mentally. They might forget the physical pain after their wounds are recovered or might forget after the physical pain is gone. But mentally they won’t forget easily the behavior and cruelty of the eye of the owner.

My dog is scared of me because I hit him!

In this case, if this sort of behavior is done for the first time then the dog might not be able to comprehend the whole situation and forget it after a while. but if the owner is a proper aggressive person and keeps his torture on the dog then the dog would understand and might not forgive the owner for this sort of behaviour.

If it’s done for the first time then after good behavior you can drive out the fear but after repeated multiple attempts driving out the fear is not easy.

i beat my dog

Do dogs forgive?

Umm a hard question” will my dog forgive me for hitting him?”  relating to forgiveness that “do dogs forgive?”. Actually, the problem is I think dogs might even not know what forgiveness is just a toddler. He wouldn’t even know the meaning of forgiveness so the problem is not the forgiveness but the fear associated with that pain of hitting.

Your dog might not be able to forget and end up being scared of you all the time. The only way dogs express their anger would be they won’t be as friendly as before and the only reason behind it would be the FEAR.

But still, if you want to express that you are sorry then some gestures might do the justification. But the point is dogs do sometimes remember all the events so it would be a time-consuming process to make them forget the fear and get rid of it.  It is only fear that plays a role otherwise forgiveness is not an issue.

How to apologize to your dog?

Dogs won’t get your apology so instead of saying sorry like stupids, try to change your actions so the dogs feel the changes in your behavior. A mere sorry won’t do anything at all. Try to be more polite and use a softer loving tone with your dog while appreciating your dog a lot. Sit with him and play or might take him out for a walk.

Buy them the pet toys etc. but your behavior needs to be changed, at first your dog might be scared of you but you need to understand it will take time.

How to get an abused dog to trust you?

It is the same as asking an apology question. The only thing which I think need to remember is to never hit your dog again no matter how angry you are or how bad the situation gets because gaining the trust for the first time might be easy after behavioral changes and after being more loving but after multiple attempts, you won’t be able to ever gain the trust back. Because that is the reason people often say that “I hit my puppy and now he is scared of me

Moreover, it is not only about the dog, you need to have control over yourself too. Practise stress management which will lead to managing your anger too. Maybe go for an exercise, or see a therapist if your behavior is way out of control.

Try everything that’s in your control but lastly, if you still feel like you can’t control your anger and always end up beating your dog then I am extremely sorry but you should give your dog for adoption or to a shelter. Because you are not only hurting the dog but you are hurting yourself too. Additionally don’t make a dog suffer badly just because of your anger issues.

my dog is scared of me because i hit him


You all should keep in mind that it is completely illegal to hit the dog or provide them any sort of torture. There are many laws related to it that might end up the person paying a huge amount of fine and punishment, mostly owners punished their dogs while digging and its bad habits.

Do Dogs Remember When You Hurt Them?

If you do not make it a habit, your dogs may not remember when you harm them. The events your pet remembers are not the same as the emotions and actions you have when you hit them.

Keep beating them as long as possible despite your desire to do so. You buy and keep dogs because they are deserving of love. You should treat them appropriately, since they begin to love you as soon as they come into your life.

Conclusion of will my dog forgive me for hitting him.

A mistake is a mistake if it is done one time, but if it is repeated you won’t call it a mistake, it is a habit. That is what you need to remember and think a hundred times before adopting a pet and know very well about your temper. If you really feel sorry about your behavior and want to be the same with your dog then it will take time.

You have to be patient with good behavior and your dog will forget about it definitely.  But make sure you don’t repeat it ever again! I hope you all got the answer to this commonly asked question of will my dog forgive me for hitting him?

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